Have a good journey: Small emergency pharmacy according to Hildegard von Bingen

alternative remedies for travel medicine

If someone wants to go on a trip, they are well advised to prepare themselves accordingly for possible health bottlenecks and problems.

For us personally, the stock of remedies we took with us on holiday changed from year to year. Almost nothing is left of the classic tablets, drops and ointments, because it is also possible to take precautions for all eventualities with naturopathic measures and alternative remedies.

Hildegard remedies for the holiday season

What could be worse than being bitten by mosquitoes night after night? As a prophylactic, Hildegard’s pharmacy recommends the diligent consumption of bertram (Anacyclus pyrethrum). The pyrethrin contained in bertram is an active ingredient against mosquitoes and mosquitoes that is also used to impregnate mosquito nets. With diligent eating of bertram, the body odour changes so that one is no longer so “loved” by mosquitoes. In preparation for a summer holiday, especially to an area where mosquitoes are prevalent, it is acceptable to take ¼ -1 teaspoon of bertram daily in food or on bread.

The juice of the ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata) is suitable for soothing insect bites – and these can be mosquitoes, bees or wasps. Prepared as a tincture and made into a spray, that would be one possibility. The other is to rub the leaves of the plantain on your skin when you go for a walk. This takes away the itching quickly and effectively.

For relief from sunburn and for skin care after sunburn, we recommend a gel made from linseed. Linseed is only recommended by Hildegard von Bingen for external use, not as a digestive aid, as is the case here. Boil linseed in water for a few minutes, strain off the grains and you get a thick gel with which you can gently and sustainably care for sunburnt skin.

Of course, we hope that you will not have to use these emergency remedies at all and that you will have a good and relaxing holiday without annoying pests or too much sun.

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