Hildegard of Bingen Herbal Medicine: Diptam

Diptam Herbal Medicine

Hildegard of Bingen Herbal Medicine: Diptam

The Diptam (Dictamnus albus) is also called Ashroot or Burning Bush. It belongs to the rue family (Rutaceae) and is a grateful but unfortunately rare perennial plant for the garden.

Diptam: Burning bush from the Bible?

During this period, the glands of the fruiting stems release so much essential oil that the plant can be smelled from afar. This produces a flammable gas, which probably gave the plant its nickname. If you hold a lighted match to the fruit stalks when the sun is shining and there is no wind, a small deflagration occurs. In midsummer, the essential oil also burns by itself and you can see small blue flames around the diptam. Because of this phenomenon, it is considered whether the diptam can be the burning bush of the Bible.

In the past, the diptam was known in folk medicine. In the meantime, however, it is only used in Hildegard medicine or as a homeopathic remedy for gastrointestinal complaints.

The most important application in Hildegard is the effect against “petrifactions” in humans. Hildegard says:

The spectrum ranges from bladder stones, kidney stones and gallstones to the petrifications of the vessels known as arteriosclerosis. Here the diptam softens the deposits, often originating from cholesterol, and makes the vessels permeable again with regular use.

We also recommend taking diptam for smoker’s leg.

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