Hildegard von Bingen’s herbal medicine : Hyssop – good for the liver

Hyssop plant in Hildegard von Bingen medicine

Hyssop is good for the liver. Many mental upsets are due to an overload of the internal organs.

Hyssop – good for the liver

According to Hildegard, hyssop (Hysoppus officinalis) is an ideal spice for blood purification, against depression and for sadness. It blooms violet-blue in July and August. The flowering herb is used.

“Eaten often, hyssop cleanses sick and smelly frothing juices. It is useful with any food. In fact, it is more useful cooked and powdered than raw. Eaten, it makes the liver querk.”

Hildegard von Bingen

Many mental upsets are due to an overload of the internal organs. If digestion is not done properly – for example, due to a weakness in liver function – putrefaction and fermentation occur in the intestines, which in turn affect the liver and weaken it further.

This is how cirrhosis of the liver occurs even in those who do not drink alcohol at all. This is because fusel alcohols formed in the intestine are reabsorbed and must now also be broken down by the liver. The liver is then doubly burdened.

So it is best to always put a tin of hyssop next to the stove and use a pinch of it with every meal. Hyssop must be dosed sparingly, as it can make food very bitter.

Hyssop goes especially well with tender roast veal, bean dishes, stews and soups. It can also be used in fresh salads with cucumbers and tomatoes and with cottage cheese and cheese spreads.

Hildegard suggests a special recipe with hyssop that is definitely worth trying.

“If the liver is sick as a result of sadness in a person, before the sickness takes over in him, he should cook young chicken with hyssop, and he often eats of it.”

This particular chicken fricassee with hyssop gets its special appeal in the summer by using fresh flowers as edible decorations.

There is one caveat with hyssop, unfortunately. It should not be used during pregnancy or if you have epilepsy.

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